Thursday, April 23, 2009


Difficult, but fun

University of Missouri students leave the Hearnes Fieldhouse, Columbia MO after attending a music concert on April 22, 2009. The concert titled “Crossroads” was organized by Christian groups on campus to promote religious participation among students.

A quitarist playing the guitar at the Cossroads concert at the Hearnes Fieldhouse, Columbia MO on April 22, 2209.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Multiple Flash

I shot this image with three flashes: one was held by a man right between me and my assistant, one was a Canon flash attached to my assistant’s camera on my left, and another was connected to my camera with an off-camera flash cord, held above my head and pointed at one of the subjects closer to me. The image turned out pretty well as the flash coordinated well with the lights in the room. The background is darker, which has brought out the two subjects. 

Journalism student Victoria Guida (Left) and Wei He, electrical engineering student at the University of Missouri, react after winning a poker game at the Mark Twain Ballroom, Memorial Union on April 16, 2009.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sound Slideshows

I love the way video and sound blends in beautifully with still images.  Use of multimedia in storytelling has widened horizons for audience and storytellers alike. Through the medium, a greater understanding of issues and the media’s role in portraying those issues is on the rise. A few sound slideshows explain exactly my idea of multimedia.

A Georgian Diary by Thomas Dworzak is probably a great piece in which sound plays a crucial role in understanding the mood of the story. The sober music provides a background for the gloomy affects of war, which are a constant source of poignant memories for future generations.

The raccoon hunting slideshow (Images by Josh Meltzer, audio by Jen McCaffery and Josh Meltzer) has amazing sound effects, but lack powerful images. If both had been on high quality, the project would have been perfect. But, overall I liked the way sound has been used here.

George W. Bush’s last days in office by Alec Soth are well summarized in the third slideshow. The  haphazard photographs with Bush’s mistakes in his own voice during his presidency as background commentary provides the theme - absurdity.